Company Profile
Standco Enterprise was established since, 2000. We are the major suppliers for hydraulic components in hydraulic industry in Northern Malaysia. Through several years of experience, we are expertise in Installation, Servicing, Repairing, Component Customization and System Design for hydraulic systems.

Of late, due to the businesses growth, we have registered our company to as Standco Hydraulic Components Sdn Bhd in 2006 to build our stability in the market.

Standco Hydraulic Components Sdn Bhd have a sufficient ready stock of different types and sizes for Hydraulic Cylinder & Pump, Hydraulic Solenoid Valve, Hose, Fitting, Seal and O-ring for customers.

Solving sealing problems and components customization are our strength because we have a well trained and high skilled team together with in-house Seal Customized Machine and other essential equipments ready to serve our customers’ needs.

With the hardwares, softwares and manpower readiness, we can provide the services in very crucial time and ensure the products are in high quality at the same time. Our commitment is to meet or even exceed our customers’ expectation in term of quality, schedule and cost.

胜高贸易成立于2000年,是北马主要的液压维修和零件供应商之一。 我们的专业在于液压维修与服务,零件定制及液压系统设计。在2006年,胜高海贸易注册为胜高海多力零件私人有限公司。 胜高海多力零件私人有限公司,亦有充足的货源提供给不同类型和尺寸的液压缸和液压泵,液压电磁阀,管件及管配件,密封及橡胶O型圈。 解决密封问题和零件的定制是我们的强项,因为我们的公司有一个密封定制的机器,完善的设备以及 一批经验丰富的员工以满足顾客们的各种需求。 因此,我们可以在任何的时候提供客户服务,并同时确保产品符合顾客的质量要求。公司长期以来坚持以质量求效益,以及顾客的满意度为追求目标。我们的承诺是,以满足或甚至超过我们的顾客的要求,不管在质量,进度或是成本我们都是最佳的选择。